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Scaling Sci-Fi - 3D Sketching from Jets to Motherships

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Dive in concept designing of ships from tiny jets to motherships. I will walk through the whole process and cover 3D Coat interface, main tools, and the latest features (3D Coat 2023.23 and up is necessary) I will show how to set everything up in Blender and make a great showpiece.

6 ships were created, and each had a specific design challenge to tackle. 

Project files include all ships in one Blender file, alphas for sculpting, and one nebula background from my 10 nebula map pack.

No prior knowledge of 3D Coat is required. Basic knowledge of Blender and Photoshop is very useful.

The course is made of small-length videos 1-3 minutes per tool. It makes it convenient to navigate and study.

Long processes are recorded in timelapses with narration.


Part 1 - Interface and Navigation

Introduction to the basics of 3D Coat user interface. 

Part 2 - Introduction to Main Tools

The major tools that will get you started with concepting.

02 - Advanced Techniques - Industrial Ship Design

Step-by-step process of ship sculpting with angular shapes. Texturing in Photoshop and scene set up in Blender.

03 - Streamline Design - Space Jet

Step-by-step process of jet sculpting with complex aerodynamic shapes. Texturing in 3D Coat and exporting to Blender.

04 - Organic Design - Organic Ship

Organic sculpting for alien ships and re-using kitbash of already created elements. More complex texture set up in Blender

05 - Round Shapes - Big Cruiser

Process of making circular ship concept. Solving texturing difficulties in Photoshop.

06 - Huge Scale - Mothership

More conventional greeble design sculpting and tileable texture overlay in Blender.

07 - Warped Design - Space Station

Solving the problem of creating complex warped shapes. Extra final tips on better shading in Blender and rendering.

If you are interested in my background I have a whole channel dedicated to 3D Coat -

For tutorial support please join my discord -

Happy watching!

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Delve into ship design with 3D Coat and Blender. Learn interface basics, main tools, and create 6 ships with diverse challenges.

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Scaling Sci-Fi - 3D Sketching from Jets to Motherships

9 ratings
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